STEP – the BSoG’s vision on what excellent teaching and learning looks like


At the BSoG, we offer our students a unique educational experience, based on our STEP approach to teaching and learning: our programmes are Student-centered, have a solid Theoretical knowledge base, their educational Excellence is guaranteed, and they are strongly Practice-oriented. It makes our School a prominent hub for the study of European and global governance, from the BA right up to the PhD level.

What STEP can offer you


Supporting each individual student is at the core of the BSoG’s vision on teaching and learning. We care for the wellbeing of, and provide equal opportunities for, all of our students. Our faculty and staff are there to support you in your educational journey, from start to finish. For us, you are not a number, but a valued individual, and we will do our utmost to help you develop your full potential!

Concrete benefits for you include:

  • Small class size, so that you can benefit from direct interaction with your professors, professionals and peers.
  • You will be able to shape your own learning journey within the options offered by your programme. The experience can be complemented with extra-curricular activities such as lectures, visits, electives, internships as appropriate for each programme.
  • Active student community (we also invested in an e-community in times of pandemic).
  • Dedicated Student Services team
  • Student participation in our Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation’s activities
  • Student participation in Programme Boards
  • Library services, ICT resources, sports facilities, psychological counselling, etc.


All our education programmes will provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge at the forefront of the specific fields of political science, law, economics, business and liberal arts. We use a strong theoretical body of knowledge to guide our teaching and to prepare students and professionals for their future careers and beyond. Our professors push the boundaries within the scientific community, and as such, often work for, or consult, a variety of organisations concerned with global and European challenges.

Concrete benefits for you include:

  • Your BSoG programme will have a well-defined body of knowledge, linked to competencies that are validated and valued by the work field.
  • With regards to content, pedagogy, and technology, the courses in your programme will be evaluated and updated regularly, through student feedback surveys and interviews.
  • The programmes will be subject to regular benchmarking, so that you have the guarantee of being taught according to the highest and latest ‘market standards’.

Educational excellence

We offer educational excellence through authentic learning experiences. We apply evidence-informed curriculum and instructional design strategies and we make use of technology to enhance learning. Our lecturers can attend professional development initiatives related to both pedagogical and technical subjects. We have internal training programmes in place that encourage our teaching staff to use a wide variety of effective teaching methods, as well as to experiment with different teaching approaches and assignments relevant to the professional context, sharing best practices in the process.

Concrete benefits for you include:

  • No matter which BSoG programme you take, you will be sure to acquire the necessary knowledge as well as get the opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes needed in a wide variety of professional contexts. 
  • Supported by the BSoG’s dedicated Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation, our instructors are well-equipped to guide you through your learning journey.
  • All programmes will have a teaching and assessment plan that ensures proper spread of teaching and evaluation methods throughout the semester (a matrix that connects competencies with courses and teaching/evaluation methods used), with attention to the different learning outcomes envisioned.


Learning at the BSoG is not limited to the classroom but draws on its unique location, Brussels, and access to senior European and global policymakers, business executives and entrepreneurs, legal experts and communication professionals. Some of our courses are entirely taught by visiting and adjunct professors 'from the field'. In other courses, guest lectures from practioners are included to ensure the necessary 'practice' infused knowledge transfer.

To engage students, the BSoG encourages the use of a wide variety of different, challenging (learning) environments, situations and contexts, such as a carefully crafted blend of on-campus and online education, whole-task based/problem-based learning, simulations, case studies, moot courts, field trips and honours classes, with the aim of bringing practice into the classroom. We are convinced that theory and practice should always be in dialogue. For that reason, our classes will allow you to develop practical skills and expertise.

Concrete benefits for you include:

  • Programmes use authentic learning tasks
  • Programmes will organise field trips (etc.), visits, lectures, and internships as appropriate to their curriculum and resources
  • Your teachers will include prominent guest lecturers (e.g. experts, officials, professionals, etc.).
  • In some of our programmes, you will get the opportunity to participate in a real-life Capstone project and/or take an internship as mandatory or optional part of the curriculum.

We are confident that our unique approach will prepare you to take the next STEP in your career. We aim to create the leaders of tomorrow, people who can address the wide variety of issues that we are currently faced with in global and European politics. You are a unique human being and we believe that we can help you grow!

If you would like to have a one-on-one discussion with one of our staff members about your possible enrolment in one of our programmes, you can book a virtual appointment via one of the following programme-specific links:

You can also engage in a live chat session with our staff or current students.