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The Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation (OTLI) is a driving force behind the innovative activities of the Brussels School of Governance. It serves as a knowledge hub for our School's teaching staff and focuses on pedagogical innovation and the use of technology to enhance learning. Concretely, its dedicated team works on the design and implementation of sustainable teaching and learning policies that aim to improve the student learning experience for all course formats, from face-to-face to blended to fully online. The team contributes to the professional development of the teaching staff and is active in the domain of quality assurance. OTLI also manages and supports both the student information system CICS (Peoplesoft Campus Solutions) and the learning platform Canvas. The team attaches great importance to student participation through continuous student feedback, in a spirit of co-creation, leading to the best result for all concerned.

With this in-house expertise, we believe that our new School is ready for the ‘education of the future’ and want to pass a clear message to our current and future students: no matter what type of learning experience you will have with us, face-to-face, blended or online, it will always be personal, flexible, and high-quality.


Recent activities

In the months following the start of the lockdown in Belgium in March 2020, the OTLI successfully provided training, advice and support to professors during the state of ‘emergency remote teaching’ as a result of the pandemic. In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in the Spring of 2020, the OTLI helped ensure that the sudden transition to online and blended teaching went almost seamlessly: together, OTLI and the teaching programmes managed to maintain the academic and technical side of things running. Since then, OTLI continues to provide cutting-edge guidance and training to our professors. Based on student participation and feedback about what our educational model should look like in the future, one of our most recent concrete achievements is the development of an online student community, so that students faced with virtual teaching can still build strong connections between them. 



Free online course on Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition now available​

In 2021, OTLI contributed to developing a course on EU climate and energy policy. As of 21 June 2021, this free online course has become available in the context of the Govtran project (hosted at the Centre for Environment, Economy and Energy) headed by the BSoG. Open to everyone, it is particularly well suited for people with some prior knowledge of EU institutions and policymaking. The 4-modules course is self-paced – meaning you can start it when you want and go at your own speed. It is perfectly shaped for both students to obtain a comprehensive overview of EU climate and energy governance and energy policy, as well as for professors to use the course materials for their own courses. Read more.



EU - Executive Education in Digital Transformation Program for Public Sector

In 2021, the Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation (OTLI) advised and supported academics in recording seven videos for a lecture series on digital transformation, organised in cooperation with the AWS Institute Network. This Executive Education Program in Digital Transformation equips senior EU public servants and elected officials with the confidence and expertise they need to lead the successful digital transformation of public services to better meet the needs of their citizens. Here you can read more about this Executive Program. If want to know more about the added value of video in your courses, please contact the team here at the OTLI!




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