Centre for Migration, Diversity and Justice


The Research Centre for Migration, Diversity and Justice focuses on the multilevel governance and politics of immigration, justice and home affairs, immigrant integration, diversity and equality. It is also part of and hosts the VUB’s Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Migration and Minorities (BIRMM), which gathers more than 100 VUB researchers from 11 disciplines.

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Regulating the entry and stay of foreigners and defining their rights are close to the sovereignty of nation states. Yet, elements of these policy areas have been shifted upwards to the international level (EU and international organizations), downwards to the sub-state level (regional and local authorities) and outwards (to countries of origin, transit and private actors). Whilst many research institutes study issues such as immigration and immigrant integration, we distinguish ourselves by a multi-level governance focus. We also prioritize three key themes that will prominently figure on European and national policy agendas in the coming decade.

Key themes

  • EU asylum and migration governance including its external dimension
  • European anti-discrimination policies and politics
  • EU Justice and Home Affairs
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