Industrial Transformation 2050: Towards an Industrial strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe

Tomas Wyns
Gauri Khandekar
Matilda Axelson
Oliver Sartor
Karsten Neuhoff

Wyns et. al., (2019), Industrial Transformation 2050 - Towards an Industrial Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe, IES, IES. Available at ies.be

About Industrial Transformation 2050 

This report has been commissioned by the European Climate Foundation. It is part of the Industrial Transformation 2050 project and the Net-Zero 2050 series, an initiative of the European Climate Foundation with contributions from a consortium of experts and organisations. 

The mission of Industrial Transformation 2050 is to co-develop, together with basic manufacturing and manufacturing industry and other stakeholders, pathways and policy options to enable a net-zero heavy industry in Europe by 2050, in line with the objectives of the Paris Ag-reement, while strengthening industrial competitiveness and the EU’s overall economic development and performance.  

The objective of Net-Zero 2050 is to start building a vision and evidence base for the transition to net zero emission societies in Europe and beyond, by mid-century at the latest. Reports in the series seek to enhance understanding of the implications and opportunities of moving to climate neutrality across the power, industry, buildings, transport, agriculture and forestry sectors; to shed light on some of the near-term choices and actions needed to reach this goal, and to provide a basis for discussion and engagement with stakeholders and policymakers.