TDI Yearly matures to major trade event on the Brussels legal scene

The 3E Research Centre of the Brussels School of Governance organised the fourth consecutive “Trade Defense Instruments (TDI) Yearly” conference on Thursday 17.11. Following on the past years’ tradition and ethos, the day was filled with outstanding presentations and reflective discussions that moved from the intricacies of the most recent TDI decisions and policy making to fundamental questions underpinning the EU’s and global trade policies and judical procedure. The participants, some 120 in a hybrid format, appreciated the diversity of perspectives that extended from the Commission’s  DG Trade and leading law firms to e.g. the EU’s General Court, WTO experts  as well as viewpoints on U.S. Trade defense practices and viewpoints. “We look very much forward to organsing the 5th anniversary event in November 2023, maintaining our well-functioning format”, noted the organisers Harri Kalimo (3E Reserarch Centre, BSoG) and Laurens Elsen (DG Trade) together with the Confernce Steering Group of leading Brussels law firms.


This lecture is organized as a part of the Jean Monnet Chair ECOvalence (Grant 101085564)