Tom Moylan

Associate Researcher

Tom Moylan is a political communication specialist with almost a decade's experience in EU communications. 

He started his career in digital media in the European Commission, working first as a social media manager and later a digital strategist across several speciality areas - including development, economic and financial affairs, local communication and digital intelligence. He moved up to work with high level officials and politicians, as speechwriter to the Commissioner for Trade and as an adviser to the Director-General for Communication. As an adviser, he worked on public opinion and other forms of data analysis to inform the European Commission's corporate communication strategy. 

His career has been marked by close cooperation and collaboration with researchers and academics to produce evidence-based, data-driven approaches to communications. His research interests are in the impact of digital media, platforms and tools on civic life. He believes that digital media can be best understood as a disruptive force that does not necessarily upend the way public life works, but rather should be considered a new layer on top of existing participation and a source of pressure on older modes of participation.