Szilvia Nagy

Visiting PhD Researcher

Szilvia Nagy is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations at Central European University, Vienna and will join the Brussels School of Governance as a Visiting PhD Researcher from September to December 2022. She holds an MA in Political Science as well as in Cultural Anthropology. She has wide experience of working with civil society organisations and international NGOs as a project manager and founder of Local Operators’ Platform (LOCOP), a network and research platform focusing on EU cultural policies. She is a collaborator of the culture Solutions research group on international cultural relations as well as a member of the South/South Movement, an independent transnational collective centring around research on the global souths. 

Her research interests lie at the intersection of foreign policy and cultural diplomacy with a particular attention to emerging practices of civil society involvement. This approach is informed by theories of global governance, practice theory and organisational ethnography. Other research interests include interpretive/ethnographic methods; postcolonial theories and decolonising practices in museums; participatory governance and participatory action research; and the concept of the global east. At CEU, she served as a teaching assistant for courses on ‘European integration and the European Union’ (Autumn 2021) and ‘Qualitative Methods for Public Policy’ (Winter 2022). Extracurricularly, she has volunteered to co-organise the 17th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference and she is in the organising team of the upcoming European Graduate Network Conference (CEU, Spring 2023). In 2022, she was one of the recipients of the Academic Achievement Award.

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