Svitlana Kobzar

Adjunct Professor

Svitlana Kobzar is an adjunct professor at the Brussels School of Governance. She has been co-teaching a course on international approaches to state-building, reform and good governance, with the focus on EU’s Eastern neighbourhood and the broader region. Currently, she is a senior programme manager East at the European Endowment for Democracy, where she manages Ukraine and Georgia programmes. Prior to that, Kobzar served as head of the International Affairs Department and academic director of the European Peace and Security Studies at Vesalius College. She also worked as an analyst at RAND Europe in Cambridge and Brussels. Her research focuses on societal trends and civic engagement, foreign and security policy, international assistance to civil society and state-building reforms, particularly in EU's eastern neighbourhood. Kobzar received her Ph.D. in international relations and her MPhil in contemporary European studies from the University of Cambridge as the Gates-Cambridge Scholar.