Silviu Piros

PhD Researcher

Silviu Piros is Head of Programme for the PGC in EU Policy Making programme, and Adjunct Professor of Global Ethics at the Brussels School of Governance of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. An advocate of active learning, Silviu is the Brussels School of Governance's Faculty Advisor for the EuroSim Model European Union organised by the Transatlantic Consortium for European Union Studies and Simulations (TACEUSS) since 2017. He co-organises the biennial European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations and European Studies (EuroTLC) and is a Steering Committee member of the ECPR’s Teaching and Learning Politics (TLP) Standing Group. Silviu holds an LL.B and BPhil (University of Bucharest) and a MSc. in European Integration (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

His research interests focus largely on the education – diplomacy nexus, evaluating the European Union’s emerging role as a diplomatic actor in global higher education, as well as the role of education in external relations writ large. Other focus areas include the Eastern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy, global governance, and the future of education. To date he has been involved in many EU funded projects in the field of higher education, including ERASMUS+ and TEMPUS. This included designing and implementing several Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and Jean Monnet Chair actions. His expertise lies in higher education capacity-building, digital transformation, and blended learning instructional design.

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