Servaas Van Thiel


Prof. Servaas van Thiel is a Professor of Law in the LLM in International and European Law programme of the Brussels School of Governance. He teaches in Brussels and Vienna and is a judge at the Dutch Regional Court of Appeal. He guest-lectures and publishes worldwide on sustainable development, European law and international and European taxation. He is a former Director of the BSoG’s LLM Programme, and worked for the EU Delegations in Vienna and Geneva, the EU Council of Ministers, the European Court of Justice, the IBFD and the UN Economic Commission for Africa. He studied law and economics in Nijmegen and Brussels and holds a Doctoral Degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The LLM course “Global Governance and sustainable development”, which he teaches together with Prof Lizarazo, assesses whether international rules and institutions are capable to address the global challenges identified in the 2030 Agenda: eradicating poverty and closing the development gap (WTO, IMF, WB, UN, OECD and rules on trade, investment and aid), improving global health (WHO and rules on pandemics), ensuring decent jobs (ILO and international labour law), providing humanitarian relief and protection (OCHA, UNHCR, IOM and international humanitarian law), managing peace and security (Security Council and UN Charter), combatting drug abuse and organized crime (UNODC and Conventions), and protecting the environment (Conventions of Climate Change and Biodiversity, MEA and rules on pollution and emissions).