René Hermens

Education Support

René Hermens is Senior Expert Teaching and Learning Innovation and coordinator of the Education Cluster at the Brussels School of Governance. In his role as Cluster Coordinator, he is overseeing the day-to-day operations for the teams in the Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office, Student Services and Study Abroad/Internships. Since its inception in the summer of 2020, he’s been heading the Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation (OTLI). He has an analytical mindset, a strong theoretical background in educational sciences and research - complemented by a hint of engineering - and a broad professional experience in both upper secondary vocational and higher education.

René is passionate about designing effective and sustainable student learning experiences that are based on evidence-informed educational frameworks; from concept to practice. He’s a trainer in professional development initiatives that demonstrate how pedagogy and technology can be combined to enhance student learning, while creating more enjoyable teaching experiences in the process. He likes to analyse complex educational questions together with the teams in the Education Cluster and turn them into sustainable policy advice and practical solutions. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Science from the University of Amsterdam and he was enrolled in the Research Master Educational Sciences at that same university for one year.