Peter Mckiernan

Distinguished Professor

Peter McKiernan (University of Strathclyde) is a Distinguished Professor of Management at the Brussels School of Governance.

In 2011, he joined Strathclyde Business School as a Professor of Management in the Department of Strategy and Organisation. He has held full-time Professorial positions at the Universities of Warwick, St Andrews, and the Sir Walter Murdoch Chair in Management and Governance at Murdoch University, Australia.  Across these institutions, he has held the positions of Dean, Head of School, Head of Group, and Chair of Department. Peter holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics, a Masters's degree in Business Analysis, and a Doctorate in Corporate Strategy.

His main research focus is on how organisations learn about how their future might unfold and how they might prepare their current strategies to cope. Over the years, his research output has covered organisational turnaround, fast-growing SMEs, sector studies (e.g., Jute, Automobiles), and public policy. This research has appeared in top journals in the US and in Europe and has won several journals and conference prizes. He has authored, co-authored, or edited 10 books, including the best seller on corporate turnaround - Sharpbenders, Strategies of Growth, Inside Fortress Europe, Inside the Omani Corporate Culture, Strategic Leadership: Governance and Renewal and Hidden Champions in Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey, Productivity and Innovation in SMEs, and Scenario Thinking. Currently, he sits on the Boards of several academic journals. Also, Peter has won competitive grants from major organisations e.g., DTI, European Commission, Singapore Government.