Paul De Hert


Paul De Hert is a Full Professor of Law in the LLM in International and European Law programme of the Brussels School of Governance, where he teaches International and European Criminal Law, a course that serves as a guide for LLM studies to understand the international and supranational aspects of criminal law. The course discusses the double European regulatory framework (that of the Council of Europe and that of the European Union), the moves to extradition and mutual assistance between states and ends with a thorough discussion of the international crimes and the international tribunals set up world-wide to punish grave breaches against humanity.

Prof. De Hert is a full professor at VUB, where he currently teaches Criminal Law, and an assistant-professor at the University of Tilburg, where he teaches a course about Privacy and Data Protection. His research interests are focused on privacy & technology and criminal law. His work testifies of a human rights approach with a concern for theory. At VUB, he is Director of the research group on human rights (FRC), Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law. In the past he directed the Research group Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS). He is a board member of a number of leading international law reviews such as The Computer Law & Security Review (Elsevier), The Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal (Intersentia), and Criminal Law & Philosophy (Springer). He is also co-editor in chief of several series relating to his areas of specialisation.


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