Marion Tomsett

Education Support

Marion Tomsett works in the Registration and Services team of the Brussels School of Governance. She graduated as a Secretarial Linguist with a Certificate from Cassio College, Watford, UK in English, French and Spanish. She has followed varied courses in IT, administration, finances, marketing and linguistics. 43 years career in administration in the UK and Belgium, 12 different employers and several different positions within some of them, in 8 different sectors.  She has held positions as Personal Assistant to the Industrial Marketing Vice President of Honeywell Europe, Office Manager in the Insurance/Reinsurance sector, Office Manager (including project reporting) for a well-known NGO in the migration and equality sector working closely with the EU Institutions, Personnel and Administration Manager for Dole Food Company Europe,  Bookkeeper and English language editor in a medium sized Belgian Law firm, as well as freelance recruiter in the administration sector, amongst others. This is her first position working in the Education sector.

Her main responsibilities at the Brussels School of Governance are student registration and administration of the EuroMaster Advanced Master Programme, the Postgraduate Certificate Programme and the Jean Monnet Summer School.