Ludmila Cieszkowsky

PhD Researcher

Ludmila (Milla) Cieszkowsky is a PhD researcher for the ERC Project Curiae Virides at VUB’s Brussels School of Governance. Prior to the VUB, Milla earned a master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University and an LLM in International Trade Law from the ITC-ILO at the University of Torino, specializing in both the economic and legal aspects of international trade. 

Milla has provided consultancy on trade matters for private firms and has been a regular consultant on trade remedies for the World Bank since 2009, where she also co-authored studies on the effects of trade on poverty in the EU regions and on the distortive effects of domestic subsidies on global trade. 

Her PhD research uses statistics and econometric tools to assess the effectiveness of transnational litigation in providing effective remedy to victims of GVC-related environmental damage. Her other areas of research interest are: CJEU preliminary reference procedure, prospectus liability claims and the attribution of jurisdiction in cases of pure economic loss.

You find her publications in the WBG eLibrary