Jonas Lefevere is a Professor in Communications at the Brussels School of Governance. He previously worked at the University of Amsterdam University of Leuven, and University of Antwerp where he obtained his PhD in political science.

His research tackles various topics in political communication, including communication effects on electoral behavior and the strategic behavior of political elites. He is currently a principal investigator on the Excellence of Science project NOTLIKEUS, where he investigates the role of social media in perpetuating perceptions of differentness between groups in society, and how this affects polarisation political behavior. He is also part of the EDMO BeLux project, and in this role he contributes to the study of the impact of disinformation in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since 2018, he is vice-convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Political Communication, which brings together over 200 scholars working in the field of political communication. At the Brussels School of Governance, he teaches advanced methods courses as well as the BA Thesis in the Global Communication programme.

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Political Sophistication and Populist Party Support

Published on 12.11.2020
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Campaigning Online and Offline: Different Ballgames?

Published on 21.09.2020
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EDMO BELUX - European Digital Media Observatory for Belgium and Luxembourg

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DSV: De Staat van Vlaanderen

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Feeding Radicalism through Disinformation?

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