João Teixeira de Freitas

PhD Researcher

João joined the Brussels School of Governance as a PhD Researcher for the project Curiae Virides, studying how transnational ecological conflicts turn into lawsuits and the role played by courts in this context.

João has a bachelor's degree in Law from the Portuguese Catholic University and a master's degree in Transnational Law from Católica Global School of Law / King's College London, where he researched the legal regulation of transnational corporate accountability for human rights abuses. 

Before joining the Brussels School of Governance, João worked independently as a public affairs and communications consultant for several Brussels based projects. In his free time, he dedicates himself to graphic design and music production.

His PhD research focuses on the theoretical (and empirical) foundations of value chain due diligence in transnational ecological conflicts

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Curiae Virides

Period January 2021 - December 2025
Funded By

ERC (European Research Council)