Hubert Joo-Kitano


Dr. Hubert Joo-Kitano lectures the course E-Business at VUB. His education ranges from a bachelor's in Economics at Universidad de Lima to a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He also holds a Master of Research in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Master in International Tourism Management, Master in Business Administration, and the Professional Tittle of Economist.

Dr. Hubert has a wide range of knowledge in the world of business and has over 25 years of work and teaching experience. He started his career as a commercial bank analyst and later managed his construction and real estate business. He is currently involved in reforestation projects which run overseas. He has several working papers and publications in Entrepreneurial Finance and Crowdfunding. 

Dr. Hubert Joo-kitano is a well-qualified individual driven by the wish to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in his students. His experience as an entrepreneur, lecturer, and researcher in business and finance allows him to support VUB's mission to bring knowledge and new thinking to the next generation of business leaders.