Hannes Sonnsjö

Visiting Researcher

Hannes Sonnsjö is a visiting PhD-student at the Research Centre for Environment, Economy and Energy (3E) at the Brussels School of Governance (BSoG). He is affiliated with the division of Environmental and Energy Systems studies at Lund University, Sweden, involved with a project on the political dimensions of electricity supply funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. He holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Economics and is currently doing research on electricity market design, market-shaping policy interventions and more generally on the transition of socio-technical systems.  

Hannes has several years of experience working on energy security from a multitude of disciplines (e.g. geopolitical and security aspects, risk management and preparedness, local and regional energy systems and economics) at various governmental institutions (e.g.  the Swedish Defence Research Agency, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the County Administrative Board).

He is particularly interest in policy coherence and the energy trilemma, i.e. balancing between ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply, within energy policies and will do research on EU-wide energy policies, their intentions and implementation, during his one year at the BSoG. His supervisor during the stay is Sebastian Oberthür, Director of the 3E.