Carlos Entrena

PhD Researcher

Carlos Entrena is a PhD researcher under the supervision of professor Trisha Meyer of Research Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation at BSG; professor Jo Pierson of the SMIT-IMEC research group; and professor Emilia Gómez of the HUMAINT project at European Commission Joint Research Centre Seville.
Carlos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Granada and a Master’s degree in Digital Communication Leadership from the University of Salzburg and Aalborg University Copenhagen. He has previously worked as a software developer, a communication specialist and a researcher.
As a result of his multidisciplinary career, Carlos is highly interested in the interplay between communication, people and technology. Some of his previous research topics are AI-generated media content, misinformation in online communities and AI explainability. His PhD research focuses on trustworthy artificial intelligence, more in particular, the role of human operators in achieving trustworthy AI in systems deployed by public authorities.


Digital Governance: protecting human agency in social media platforms

Period June 2022 - May 2026
Funded By

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)