Anne Sterckx


Anne Sterckx is a Finance Officer at the Brussels School of Governance. She joined the IES in November 2013 and was in charge of Human Resources and Finances. Due to the growth of the Institute and the creation of the Brussels School of Governance she shifted her focus purely to finances as from 2018. Prior to working at the Brussels School of Governance she held positions in Corporate Communications in various multinationals - Siemens and Alcatel Microelectronics - and also at Roularta Media Group and Axxon, the professional association for physiotherapists.

Anne holds a Master Degree in Economics (Business Management) from the Economische Hogeschool Sint-Aloysius (Brussels) that was integrated in the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2014. She also obtained the KMO Business Excellence Certificate at Vlerick Business School in Gent.