Amy Gómez

Visiting PhD Researcher

Amy Gómez is a Colombian lawyer specialising in labour law and social security with a high experience in conflict resolution in the labour field. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She holds a master’s degree in labour law and social security from the University of Rome La Sapienza (2019). She obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Colombian Labour Law and social security from the University Nuestra Señora del Rosario (2018).

Her research interests focus on the expansion and resilience of Social Law in the European Union. Amy is particularly interested in finding out how the EU takes advantage of the crisis to expand its powers on the social dimension. To do so, she compares two major crises -the sovereign debt crisis of 2010 and the pandemic of Covid-19 of 2020- to recreate the trajectory of the widening of the social sphere to outline the evolutionary trend of the legal measures adopted before, during and after the crisis periods. Amy aims to put forward a normative standard on how the legal system could (and should) evolve to guarantee an efficient protection system in the face of future challenges.