Alexandra Mihai

Adjunct Professor

Alexandra Mihai is an Adjunct Professor at the Brussels School of Governance. She has a Master degree in European Studies from the University of Bonn, Germany and has been working as a researcher at the Institute for European Studies/VUB since 2007. At the EDU, she has progressively developed the existing online EU modules, expanded the use of blended learning by developing webinars, and worked with colleagues to enhance the range of customised teaching and training offered to students and professionals alike.

As well as lecturing on key aspects of the EU (specifically EU institutions, the decision-making process, cohesion policy and multi-level governance), Alexandra has researched and published on both the conceptual and pedagogical underpinnings of technology-enhanced learning, which includes the methodology of teaching European Studies through a Blended Learning approach. Alexandra is also facilitating workshops on teaching skills/ teaching Politics/ Blended Learning approach at a variety of Universities and Schools.


Alexandra Mihai defends her PhD thesis

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