Alessandro G. Lamonica

Adjunct Professor

Alessandro G. Lamonica is an adjunct professor at the Brussels School of Governance. He holds a PhD in European Studies and International Relations from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Italy. Alessandro has managed various EU-funded research projects on cultural diplomacy and consulted with governmental and non-governmental organisations on policy development. He was the co-founder and deputy director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in cultural relations and diplomacy (CREDO) at the University of Siena in Italy, where he used to teach cultural diplomacy. He was long a member of the Consortium Board of the Cultural Relations Platform of the European Commission and has been among the EUNIC Siena Cultural Relations Forum organisers from 2017 to 2022. Alessandro currently serves as the liaison officer in Brussels of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

His courses at the MA level concern the theory and practice of public and cultural diplomacy. He also teaches the intensive capstone, where students use their acquired knowledge and skills by interacting with real-life organisations to deliver policy-oriented outputs. 

His research interests focus on the role of culture -in the broadest anthropological sense- in the international relations of states and intergovernmental actors. A foreign policy analyst by training, he has long studied the cultural dimension of the EU’s external relations. He is currently working on applying practice theory to public and cultural diplomacy. Alessandro is also increasingly interested in untangling the nexus between culture, development, and security in hard and soft power practices.