Abel Diaz Gonzalez

Adjunct Professor

Abel Diaz Gonzalez is a PhD candidate in Business Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), Belgium. His research focuses on the supportive function of social entrepreneurial ecosystems. For his doctoral dissertation, Abel has conducted field research in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Belgium. His research has been presented at different international conferences (among which are the Academy of Management, IABS, EMES and New Business Models). Abel has acted as a reviewer at various conferences and for journals, and as co-organizer of numerous events (e.g. the VUB Social Entrepreneurship Fair that has ca. 550 participants and the Social Entrepreneurship Summit with ca. 150 participants). Abel is a co-founder of Equalisi BVBA, a social enterprise incorporated in 2019 in Belgium, aimed at supporting vulnerable entrepreneurs from Latin America to commercialize their products in alternative markets. Abel holds a MSc in Management from the VUB and Corporate Communication & International Relation studies from Universidad del Norte in Colombia.


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