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The Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the key contemporary security and diplomatic challenges of the 21st century – and their impact on Europe – while reaching out to the policy community that will ultimately need to handle such challenges. Our expertise in security studies will seek to establish comprehensive theoretical and policy coverage of strategic competition and its impact on Europe, whilst paying particular attention to the Transatlantic relationship and the wider Indo-Pacific region. Diplomacy as a field of study will be treated broadly and comparatively to encompass traditional statecraft and foreign policy analysis, as well as public, economic and cultural diplomacy. The CSDS is pleased to host the KF-VUB Korea Chair and Japan Program.


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The CSDS builds on a critical mass of scholars with expertise and publication track record in the areas of diplomacy and security, and an ample network of policy and expert contacts within Brussels and beyond. Thanks to its Korea Chair and Japan programme, the CSDS is also emerging as a European hub for analysis of geopolitical and security dynamics in East Asia.

Key themes

  • International security and strategy

  • Transatlantic relations

  • Geopolitics and security in the Indo-Pacific

  • Diplomacy and statecraft
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CSDS Policy Briefs

The CSDS Policy Brief series covers a range of topical subjects in the field of security, diplomacy, and strategy. To receive future editions in your mailbox, subscribe here.

NATO, the EU and the Return of Collective Defence

BSoG team: Elie Perot
Published on 13.05.2022
Policy briefs

Rising Risks: Protecting Europe with the Strategic Compass

BSoG team: Daniel Fiott
Published on 12.05.2022
Policy briefs

In the media

Threat of North Korean weapons test looms over Biden’s Asia visit

Source: NBC News
BSoG team: Tongfi Kim
Posted on 21.05.2022
In the press

Covid outbreak in North Korea: What we know, and what we don't know

Source: NBC News
BSoG team: Tongfi Kim
Posted on 16.05.2022
In the press

South Korean president-elect's team meets Japan's Kishida

Source: Reuters
BSoG team: Michael Reiterer
Posted on 20.04.2022
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