Digitalisation and the EU’s Role in the World


By Margrethe Vestager

Digitalisation has transformed the way we shop, the way we talk to friends, and even how we get dressed for work. It has changed the meaning of industrial leadership. Digitalisation is now much about using data well. And like a fractal, the changes that we experience in our daily lives are repeated at bigger and bigger scales – all the way up to the canvas of global affairs. Digitalisation is changing the way that countries cooperate, compete, and develop. And while it is as important as ever that Europe’s foreign policy can offer security, prosperity, and freedom, digitalisation means that our ability to reach those goals depends on how we reach our partners across the world.

This brief is a special edition and draws on Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager’s keynote address at the 7th edition of the European Union in International Affairs conference held in Brussels between 26-28 May 2021.


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