One year after the Singapore summit: an analysis of the views of the publics of the US, China, Japan and Russia about the situation in the Korean Peninsula

REPORT • 21/06/2019
By Linde Desmaele, Maximilian Ernst, Tongfi Kim, Ramon Pacheco Pardo

On the first anniversary of the Singapore summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, the KF-VUB Korea Chair published the results of a survey on American, Chinese, Japanese and Russian views of US-North Korea and inter-Korean relations (available here). We wanted to know what the publics of these four countries think about the situation in the Korean Peninsula twelve months after this historic event. In this report, we analyse the reasons behind their views of the current situation in the Korean Peninsula.

US: Up to Donald Trump to solve the North Korean conundrum
by Linde Desmaele

China: The Chinese are optimists
by Maximilian Ernst

Japan: the two Koreas’ distant neighbour
by Tongfi Kim

Russia: the Koreas have a friend
by Ramon Pacheco Pardo

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