A net-zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions-Belgium 2050

Pieter Boussemaere
Jan Cools
Michel De Paepe
Cathy Macharis
Erik Mathijs
Bart Muys
Karel Van Acker
Han Vandevyvere
Arne van Stiphout
Frank Venmans
Kris Verheyen
Pascal Vermeulen
Sara Vicca
Tomas Wyns
This report was developed and written by researchers from diverse disciplines and across different academic and research institutes in Belgium. It is the contribution of these researchers to the call for action under the ‘Sign for My Future’ campaign. It is inspired by the widespread societal call for climate action by ‘youth for climate’ and the coalition of a wide range of societal actors. It also,in particular, responds to the call for the scientific community to actively engage in this debate andwas informed and guided by the latest scientific evidence on anthropogenic climate change and the related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pathways that stand a significant chance to avoid global average temperature increases of 1.5 ̊C and 2 ̊C compared to pre-industrial levels.

The main goal of this report is to support Belgian policy makers and key stakeholders in the development of a vision and strategy towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium by 2050, while taking into account the impact of consumption inside Belgium leading to emissions outside of our country.