GreenDeal-NET's Biannual Research Highlights

Issue #1, April 2023

GreenDeal-NET's Biannual Research Highlights: Innovative Insights in Governing the EU’s Climate Transition


We are pleased to announce the publication of our biannual Research Highlights. They provide a synthesis of innovative and interesting academic publications of the network. In doing so, the synthesis offers an essential resource for those interested in climate change policy and the European Green Deal.


This synthesis presents five research highlights on a wide range of policy issues. The selected publications offer crucial insights into the efforts needed to ensure a more sustainable future:


  • Upgrading the EU’s climate governance framework
  • EU-Norway cooperation on the climate transition
  • How to enable broader, deeper, and faster climate action
  • Accelerating EU car decarbonization
  • Fostering public support and overcoming adaptation lock-in


 We invite you to read the full Research Highlights for insights into these critical issues of climate governance.