The DSA proposal and Spain

Perarnaud, C. (2021). The DSA proposal and Spain. DSA Observatory. 12 November 2021.

Since the first rounds of negotiations on the DSA proposal, Spain has been an active member state in the Council of the EU at the working group level. Spain is among the countries which shared a position paper to the rest of the delegations in the Council and repeatedly provided written comments on the compromise proposals successively drafted by the Portuguese and Slovenian presidencies in 2021.

As evidenced by other recent EU negotiations, Spain is known for being supportive of an interventionist approach in relation to platform regulation, notably after having supported the introduction of new obligations for over-the-top (OTT) communication services in the context of the EU telecom reform, or more stringent obligations for Internet platforms as part of the recent directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM).