Ask Europe’s Korea Experts – The Tenth Anniversary of the EU-ROK Strategic Partnership

By Paula Cantero Dieguez and Ramon Pacheco Pardo

The EU and South Korea are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their bilateral strategic partnership in 2020. We asked leading Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia security experts based in Europe to reflect on the successes, failures, and potential areas of future cooperation between the two partners (the responses were collected by December 4th). A total of twelve experts participated in the survey. View the Europe Korea Expert Panel here.

We asked them three questions: (1) What are the areas in which EU-ROK relations have made the most progress since the launch of the Strategic Partnership in 2010? (2) What is the area in which EU-ROK relations have failed the most to make sufficient progress since the launch of the Strategic Partnership? (3) What are the areas of (potential) cooperation that you think the EU and the ROK should prioritise over the next ten years?

Research areas involved