The control of exports as an instrument of power in the governance of the Internet [in French]

Perarnaud, C. (2022). Les contrôles aux exportations comme instruments de pouvoir dans la gouvernance de l’Internet. Terminal, 132-133. https://doi.org/10.4000/terminal.8338 

This article explores the recent EU negotiation process which has led to tighter controls on the export of surveillance technologies outside of the European continent. Illustrating the multiplicity and expansion of Internet governance arenas, this process is part of the EU’s development of a legislative and regulatory arsenal aimed at regulating the digital economy, and more broadly the "cyberspace. This reform process highlights the direct implications of the growing regulation of the trade in cybersurveillance technologies for Internet governance, showing forms of control and regulation in which states are favored, and amplifying the importance of territoriality in the governance of technologies. [Article in French]