Agency and representation in internet governance

Radu, R., Meyer, T., Liu, J. & Levinson, N. (2023). Agency and representation in internet governance. Telecommunications Policy, 2023, 102546, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.telpol.2023.102546  

This special issue offers a new perspective on decision-making in internet governance, bringing together theoretical contributions and empirical knowledge on authority and influence in underexplored policy settings, from the Congress of the United States to RightsCon, a leading summit on human rights in the digital era. The articles included here shed light on specific groups underrepresented in existing research (such as civil society groups, expert activists, technical community) and on the interactions between these groups and traditional, powerful actors such as governments and industry. These contributions raise new questions, such as: is agency possible without representation in the digital space? Who can represent? Are deficiencies in technology governance affecting the representation model of our political systems more broadly? How do representation and agency manifest themselves across time and space?