Start 01.10.2022 - End 30.09.2025

Students’ of Higher Education critical digital Literacy - Development against Disinformation (SHIELD vs DISINFO)

Students’ of Higher Education critical digital Literacy
Development against Disinformation (S.HI.E.L.D vs Disinfo) is an Erasmus + cooperation partnership in higher education (HE). It is carried out by a consortium of 6 institutions.

SHIELD vs. Disinfo is linked to lifelong learning, as it concerns the necessary skills and competences young people, citizens, and future and current professionals need in order to resist disinformation through digital media. It concerns critical digital literacy education generating theoretical frameworks and practical solutions for organizing new courses (new teaching/learning/training strategies, material, scenarios, activities, etc) for the European HE area, with four basic aims relevant to supporting digital capabilities: a) to connect HE with the labor market and professional sectors, equipping students with critical and digital skills they will need as professionals; b) to enable HEI’s students to navigate a world full of algorithms, participate fully in civil society and protect democracy, fighting against disinformation (mainly through their high interdisciplinary character); c) to stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices in HE, beyond the typical academic lectures, giving opportunities to the HEIs to upgrade the quality of the studies provided; and d) to offer to HEIs’ teaching staff a chance to get involved in processes that can lead to their professional development and real change to their teaching practices (mainly though action research activities). 

The Brussels School of Governance is a partner in S.HI.E.L.D vs Disinfo. Our team will mainly participate in reviewing the state of the art and creating a matrix of quality assurance criteria for critical digital literacy education and the design of innovative educational material and e-toolkits.

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