Start 01.03.2016 - End 28.02.2019

PARENT - Participatory platform for sustainable energy management

PARENT stands for PARticipatory platform for sustainable ENergy managemenT. The aim of the project is to provide communities with the technology and support to help reduce energy consumption in their homes and to investigate ways in which communities can work towards more sustainable life styles. It is an ongoing three year project with pilot studies in Brussels, Amsterdam and Bergen.

The project’s main goal is to upgrade and validate an innovative Participatory Energy Management Platform, targeting – as a case-study – home energy usage. The platform, built on an existing software-based solution, developed by project partner ENERBYTE, will be enhanced into an open, extensible and reusable platform, incorporating novel gaming and other reward mechanisms to achieve energy efficiency through behavioural change. The project will take into account and adapt to the local specificity, demographic make-up and capacities of four targeted cities - Amsterdam, Bergen, Barcelona and Brussels - via the PARENT Urban Living Lab. The VUB will be the project coordinator of and will be involved in most of the WPs.

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Funded by

European Commission - Horizon 2020
Innoviris Brussels