Start 01.05.2021 - End 01.03.2024

NDC ASPECTS: Assessing Sectoral Perspectives on Climate Transitions to support the Global Stocktake and subsequent NDCs

The Paris Agreement on climate change includes a five-year global stocktake (GST). Ending in 2023, the global situation will be analysed, and countries will be provided information to prepare updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs). The EU-funded NDC ASPECTS project will provide inputs to the GST and support the potential revision of NDCs, including the development of new NDCs for the post 2030 period. The project will focus on four key sectors: transport, emission intensive industries, buildings, and agriculture (including forestry, land-use, and interaction with the energy conversion sector). For each sector, the project will formulate evidence-based narratives that can be translated into global and national pathways.