Start 01.03.2020 - End 31.12.2020

Mapping Out EU-Korea relations: Key Member States' Perspectives (Phase 2)

This project seeks to understand the perspectives that key EU member states have of their relationship with South Korea in the issue-areas of trade and investment, peace and security, and North Korea. The project presents a comparative analysis of the EU member states of Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, The Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia's relationships with South Korea. The selected issue-areas are covered by the bilateral Framework Agreement, Free Trade Agreement and Crisis Management Participation Agreement signed by South Korea and the EU. In this way, the project aims to offer policy advice to government agencies and other relevant parties, specifically on the effects of these agreements and how implementation can be improved from the perspective of the respective EU member state. This builds on an earlier project funded by the Korea foundation covering other key EU member states - Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden - of which the research findings were published in a report in March 2020.