Start 01.09.2017

KF-VUB Korea Chair

The KF-VUB Korea Chair at the Institute for European Studies is the primary contact point in Europe on policy issues related to Korea and the Korean Peninsula. A joint initiative between the Korea Foundation and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Chair plays a strategic role in furthering Europe-Korea relations. It builds links between Europe and South Korea through a number of activities and partnerships, and contributes actively to increasing the possibilities for their future cooperation on bilateral, regional and global levels. The Chair mainly conducts research in three areas, i.e. security on the Korean peninsula, EU-ROK relations, and South Korean foreign policy. Its output consists mainly of  publishing academic and policy relevant output, the organisation of public conferences and expert workshops for in-depth discussions, and the dissemination of research findings. 

For more details on the KF-VUB Korea Chair's recent activities, please visit its dedicated page.

This project is headed by the KF-VUB Korea Chair, Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo.

Funded by

Korea Foundation