Start 01.01.2019 - End 30.06.2021

JP-COOPS: Judicial and Police cooperation preventing radicalisation towards terrorism

JP-COOPS, funded by DG JUST, focuses on the expansion of the network of trainers, national contact points, e-contents, and platforms established by previous projects. Its main contribution will be the establishment of one network of networks comprising 26 Multiagency National Contact Points, all using an up-scalable and modular Toolkit of all available Toolkits, which expands the knowledge on counter-radicalisation strategies and practices through the use of judiciary and police cooperation as part of new situational prevention strategies.

This project aims to contribute to the prevention of radicalization and terrorism by improving judicial and police cooperation. Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

  • Tackle existing gaps in counter-radicalization policies and practices through a cross-border cooperation of training providers which strengthen and institutionalize training courses on judicial and police cooperation within a public-private framework, considering up-scalability and principle of conferral;
  • Expanding the existing networks through exchange of information, training contents, and best practices on countering radicalization and terrorism through the rule of the law by designing and delivering a Toolkit of the Toolkits (‘Super-Toolkit’);
  • By capitalizing from ongoing projects, innovate the segment of the training on radicalization through an extensive use of jurisdictionalisation procedures based upon the integration of different European legal instruments as basis for future policies and practices. Explore the opportunities offered from recent EU legislation to deescalate tensions and de-potentiate grievances leading to recruitment and terrorism in different social environments;
  • Promote a “Knowledge Partnership” between EJTN, CEPOL, universities, judicial and police schools and Ministries as stated in one of the flagships of the Europe 2020 Strategy. We contribute to the cooperation between CEPOL and the E-Justice Portal as part of a better coordinated effort between LEAs and Judiciary in CVE. Integrate the training activities of the partners countries with the e-Justice Portal as reference tool in the context of judicial training, in line with the provision 2.3 of the EU Security Agenda 2015 and give formal recognition to the acquired training credits through academic bodies (UFC System) extended to the European Law Institute.

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