Start 01.09.2019 - End 31.08.2022

Jean Monnet Module: Europe Explained - Inter-University Summer School on EU Policy-making

The Institute for European Studies joins forces with the Diplomatische Akademie Wien — Vienna School of International Studies and the University of Vienna to bring you this ‘crash course’ in European Union Policy Making. The intensive two-week programme is held one week in Brussels and one week in Vienna in July each year. Packed with interactive seminars and study visits, this summer programme attracts students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of the European institutions, European law and the European decision-making process in general. Each year, the programme has a central theme. In 2020, the focus is on ‘Analysing human security in today’s EU‘. While touching upon a wide variety of EU policy fields, we offer participants insights into several aspects of human security through a digital and civil rights-based lens (e.g. freedom of expression, data protection, migration, anti-discrimination). This summer programme is also part of the Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making and corresponds to 5 ECTS.

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Erasmus +