Start 01.09.2016 - End 31.08.2019

Jean Monnet Chair: rECOncile - Rethinking the European Economy, Ecology, and their Interactions

The IES will host for the next three years a new Jean Monnet Chair, as IES professor Harri Kalimo was nominated for the post on the theme of “rECOnciliation”.  rECOncile contributes to EU Studies in two intertwined policy areas that remain fundamental to the success of the Union: the internal market and the environment. Strategic initiatives in both fields have been re-launched by the Juncker Commission, and their futures are intriguingly intertwined, as the initiatives on e.g. a deeper and fairer Single Market, Circular Economy and renewable energy illustrate. The market activities are becoming greener, while green policies can be supported by an economic logic. The ensuing reconciliation of ECOnomic and ECOlogical values is therefore of vital importance.

rECOncile provides research-led excellence in teaching and learning at the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy  the internal market and the environment.  The interactions  the “value reconciliation”  between the economic and environmental values is explored by creating two new and reforming three existing post-graduate courses at the IES.  The Chair also organizes annual Inaugural Lectures and recurring Policy Forums, where the policy debates on EU’s economic and environmental developments are brought to the public domain, involving the policy makers, the civil society and the industry representatives alike.

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