Start 01.09.2020 - End 31.08.2023

Jean Monnet Chair: EXPAND - Explaining Resilience in EU Justice and Home Affairs

The EXPAND Jean Monnet Chair will work towards advancing research-led teaching and the public debate on the resilience of the EU in general and in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in particular. The objective of EXPAND is to engage students, academics and policy-makers/practitioners in a dialogue on: (1) the ways in which the European integration project has – or has not – become more resilient; (2) the ways in which the EU and its member states have incorporated lessons from previous crisis and seek to reform their JHA policies in formal and informal ways; (3) the international channels of influence that the EU has fostered in the JHA field to develop a more comprehensive approach, notably in the migration field.

The Jean Monnet Chair EXPAND will make an essential and substantiated contribution to understanding the changing nature of the EU’s integration process and its impact in and beyond the EU with regard to Justice and Home Affairs policies.  

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