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Japan Program

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Established in October 2020 with the support of the Japan Foundation, the Japan program serves as an independent platform to advance academically rigorous discussions on geostrategic developments in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, enhance awareness of Tokyo’s foreign and security policy, inform and shape the policy agenda confronting the Japanese and European leadership and promote political and security cooperation between Japan and Europe, focusing specifically on the EU and NATO.


1. “Japan’s Foreign and Security Policy” Course
The course seeks to provide students with the necessary background to understand the basics of Japan’s contemporary history, institutions and foreign policy structures and priorities, while remaining flexible to tailor lectures and seminars to an evolving international landscape. It follows an intensive, executive-like format, combining traditional academic lectures with interactive discussions with experts and policy-makers. The course is open to VUB Master’s students, as well as to interested public, taking place in three modules in November, March and May. Find out more >>>

2. Events
Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific: an opportunity for Australia, Japan and Europe?
3 November 2020

Agenda | Summary report | Watch video
Australia, Japan and Europe share many common economic and strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific, including the need to ensure a free, safe and secure maritime environment. The webinar brought together distinguished experts and senior policy practitioners from the three regions to discuss the interconnected relations, interests and objectives and explore potential areas for future cooperation. The event was organized in cooperation with the Australian Embassy to Belgium, Luxemburg and Mission to the EU and NATO, and the Japanese Embassy to Belgium and Mission to NATO.

Europe and Japan in a (post-)Covid world: disinformation challenge and the resilience of supply chains
8 March 2021
The Covid-19 global pandemic presents Japan and the EU with an unprecedented public health and economic challenge with far-reaching political and security consequences. Two of these challenges include an ongoing global ‘battle of narratives’ and the resilience of global supply chains, both of which have been highlighted by leaders at the last EU-Japan summit. The seminar brings together experts and policy practitioners from the EU and Japan to discuss these issues and suggest ways to address them through the recently strengthened bilateral partnership.
More information and registration: The ‘battle of narratives’ and disinformation threat’  | Covid-19 and the resilience of supply chains

3. Publications
Publications related to this project will be added as they become available. 

Project leaders

This project is headed by Dr Eva Pejsova, Senior Japan Fellow, and Céline Pajon, Senior Researcher of the project. Below is an overview of all team members.