Start 01.05.2021 - End 01.12.2021

GST: Global Stocktake: An Opportunity for Ambition

C2ES and EDF are undertaking a joint initiative to help shape and support the Paris Agreement’s global stocktake (GST) process by ensuring a strong focus on opportunities to scale up climate ambition in line with its long-term goals. This three-year initiative will engage governments and a broad array of experts and stakeholders to develop and build support for an “opportunities framework” that will facilitate inputs to, and outputs from, the first of the Agreement’s periodic GSTs, to be concluded in 2023. The overarching aim is to better equip Parties and non-Party stakeholders (NPS) to strengthen ambition in their next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and through strategically targeted collective efforts.

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Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions