Start 01.09.2022 - End 01.09.2025

The European Green Deal: Governing the EU’s Transition towards Climate Neutrality and Sustainability

GreenDeal-NET: A New European Network to Address the Challenges of Climate and Sustainability Governance

“The European Green Deal: Governing the EU’s Transition towards Climate Neutrality and Sustainability” (GreenDeal-NET) is a new Jean Monnet Network under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, running from 2022-2025. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration on teaching, research and debate in the field of European climate and sustainability governance, to help dissect the European Green Deal and the complex set of governance challenges it poses. The overarching objective of GreenDeal-NET is to advance academic research and teaching on the EU’s fair and effective transition towards climate neutrality and sustainability under the European Green Deal and to engage with scholars, policymakers, and the broader public on these important issues. The network will pursue its objectives through:

  • Creating an online platform for knowledge sharing and promotion of exchange and debate;
  • Fostering new research collaborations;
  • Advancing collaborative teaching initiatives;
  • Strengthening academic and societal debates;
  • Disseminating key findings and activities for maximum impact.

These objectives will be pursued through numerous activities such as Special Issues, reviews, roundtable debates, keynotes, lectures, policy briefs, an international conference, a Massive Open Online Course, a PhD school, podcasts, workshops, and short-term research visits, among others. 

The core consortium of the GreenDeal-NET Network consists of 12 European universities from 11 European countries, coordinated by the Centre for Environment, Economy and Energy of the Brussels School of Governance. However, the aim is to expand the network to the European and global academic and research community investigating the EU’s transition to a sustainable climate-neutral society. Thus, an ever-growing community of associate partners and experts in the field form a wider network to maximise impact.

The European Green Deal and the EU’s transition towards climate neutrality and sustainability are a critical governance challenge at the core of the broader debate on the “Future of Europe.” The climate and the environment have been consistently shown to be a priority for the European public, and there is strong support for ambitious EU action on these issues. With the established and growing relevance of action on climate and the environment for the EU’s standing in the world and its leadership in striving to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, GreenDeal-NET provides an important platform for advancing knowledge and collaboration on these critical issues. The network will deepen our understanding of what a fair and effective climate transition could look like by focusing on the governance of the European Green Deal.

GreenDeal-NET builds on previous successful networking projects, including the COST Action on Innovations in Climate Governance (INOGOV), as well as the Jean Monnet Network on “Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition in Turbulent Times” (GOVTRAN).