Start 01.10.2021 - End 31.03.2024

EDMO BELUX - European Digital Media Observatory for Belgium and Luxembourg

EDMO BELUX is a hub on research, fact-checking and media literacy on online disinformation in Belgium and Luxembourg. Launched in October 2021 and funded by the European Commission, it gathers a network of more than 100 disinformation experts and operates in five languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Luxembourgish). The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) coordinates this project. Within the VUB, EDMO BELUX is a joint venture between the Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation (CD2I) at the Brussels School of Governance and the Centre for Studies on Media, Innovation and Technology (imec-SMIT). The project is a part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), a network of hubs on digital media contributing to the fight against disinformation across Europe. Prof. Trisha Meyer, Director of the Research Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation, is the principal investigator of the project. Prof. Ike Picone, from imec-SMIT-VUB and Prof. Georgios TerzisProf. Jonas Lefevere and Prof. Trisha Meyer, will be involved from the academic side.

EDMO BELUX responsibilities

  • EDMO BELUX brings together an unprecedented and extensive network of experienced fact-checkers, media, disinformation analysts, media literacy organisations and academics to detect, analyse and expose emerging harmful disinformation campaigns.
  • ​Through rapid alerts in the network, EDMO BELUX’s fact checks and investigative reporting will reach first responders to disinformation (media, civil society, government) in order to minimise the impact of disinformation campaigns.
  • Through media literacy campaigns, EDMO BELUX will raise awareness among and empower citizens and media.
  • Through multidisciplinary research, EDMO BELUX will monitor the impact of disinformation and platform responses on democratic processes.

Concrete actions

In the first thirty months of its operation, the hub will publish 800 fact checks in five languages, conduct OSINT (open source intelligence) investigations on disinformation campaigns, develop and implement media literacy activities at community level in three languages and deliver annual cross-community audience studies on impact of disinformation campaigns, as well as annual assessments of effectiveness of platform responses to disinformation. 

EDMO BELUX members

EDMO BELUX is a cross-community, multilingual collaboration between Vrije Universiteit BrusselUniversité Saint-Louis - BruxellesMediawijsEU DisinfolabAgence France-PresseRTL Luxembourg and Athens Technology Center. It is one of eight projects to have received EU funding to set up national and multinational observatories to counter disinformation. Of these eight projects, EDMO BENL will also provide services to the Dutch-speaking disinformation research community in Belgium. Hence, there will be a close EDMO BENL – EDMO BELUX collaboration. Exchange of knowledge and practices among project partners and the EDMO network is paramount to effectively and efficiently counter emerging disinformation campaigns in Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union at large.

Funded by

European Commission