Start 01.03.2019 - End 01.05.2020

DESIGNSCAPES: Feasibility study on (m)apping sustainability in Brussels

This project encompassing a feasibility study on (m)apping sustainability in Brussels aims to understand whether the creation of a structural database of sustainable initiatives would benefit local stakeholders and community members. Following discussions with key players in the sector of sustainability policy, the project focuses on collecting initiative data on the topic of energy efficiency. This path was chosen in order to make the project both accessible and comprehensive.

The result of the feasibility study is the Brussels Sustainable Energy Actor Map or Brussels SEAM. The Brussels SEAM is an interactive map listing 43 organizations active in a total of 76 sustainable energy initiatives in the Brussels-Capital Region. The map allows users to learn about the goals of various organizations and the initiatives they provide. It is our hope that the implementation of Brussels SEAM allows users to identify similarities in energy initiatives, as well as collaborate with stakeholders and inhabitants to identify gaps and generate solutions.