Start 01.01.2021 - End 31.12.2025

Curiae Virides

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 949690).
The Curiae Virides project conceptualises the worldwide progressive transformation of human rights litigation into ecocentric litigation that, by triggering activist courts, aims at filling ecological governance gaps with the expectation to provide effective remedy to victims of transnational ecological harm. The project investigates several aspects:
  • The share of ecological conflicts that become lawsuits.
  • The greening of social litigation.
  • The challenges of this greening for
    • The legal concept of attribution of liability in transnational lawsuits.
    • The access to effective remedy for victims of transnational ecological harms.
  • The effectiveness of this activism.
The objectives of this project are to analyse and conceptualise:
  1. The transformation of ecological conflicts into ecocentric lawsuits, who the main actors are (claimants, courts, defendants, interveners, victims, etc.), and whether alternative options such as operational-level grievances mechanisms (OLGM) are considered; 
  2. How ecocentric networks operate, how they are greening human rights litigation, and the scope of ecocentric case law; 
  3. The institutional capacity of ecocentric courts to rule on ecological lawsuits in a context of transnational operations of global value chains (GVCs) and the quality of their case law from a legal, economic and ecological perspective; 
  4. The type of remedy these lawsuits are seeking and obtaining, i.e. whether the goal of filling ecological governance gaps has a waterfall effect (or not) on access to remedy for victims of ecological harm, who are not always the claimants.
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Funded by

ERC (European Research Council)