Start 31.01.2022 - End 31.12.2022

CSDS-SWJ StrategyDebriefs

CSDS is partnering with Small Wars Journal (SWJ) to launch the CSDS-SWJ StrategyDebriefs - an interview series that aims to unpack the realities of a security environment defined by multi-domain great power competition. CSDS focuses on the key contemporary security and diplomatic challenges of the 21st century, and their impact on Europe, while reaching out to the policy community that will ultimately handle such challenges. For its part, over the past 17 years, Small Wars Journal has become a household name, dedicated to inquiring and debating the nexus between war-strategy-security.

The inaugural debrief features a timely discussion with Ben Hodges (Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at CEPA and a former commander of U.S. Army Europe) on the current Russian challenge in Europe. Read below the interview:

(1) CSDS-SWJ StrategyDebriefs Ben Hodges (1/2022)